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You are more than a high-achiever; you're a catalyst for growth, eager to inspire and drive action in a  bigger and more impactful way. However, common hurdles like fear or possibly a little imposter syndrome are causing you to overthink your way out of taking those bold vision aligning steps!

Whether you're steering an evolving organization or navigating your Business's Necessary brand transformation, my mission is to guide you through these pivotal shifts to unlock unprecedented growth and Scale Your Influence & impact.

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Are You Ready To [Re]Source your


Are You Ready To [Re]Source your



Transformative keynotes, insightful moderations, and dynamic hosting—all designed to inspire action and empower alignment

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Corp. Workshops + Training

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Solutions that are unique to your organization, all for the love of a mentally thriving corporate culture

Coaching and retreats anchored in a holistic approach to help you unlock your unique leadership way forward.

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Join 'The TABLE': A space where your Leadership Is Holistically resourced and refined in and through community 


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A Few Well [Re]sourced Partners

A Few Well [RE]Sourced Partners

Nichomi is a true expert in the field of mental health and a valuable partner to the show.

- Dr. Phil

"An expert"

Kind Words

keep up the interstellar work! There isn't an adjective big or beautiful enough to describe your wonderful spirit and the work you do!!

- Workshop Attendee

" She is a whole vibe"

Kind Words

Extremely right on time. Just what I needed! THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU!! You gave us tools and a perspective to work with!

- JP. St. Louis, MO

"Right on time!"

Kind Words

Uncover a life-changing mindset shift to reclaiming your power, showing up differently, and leaving a legacy in my TEDx Talk: Do This Before You Die.

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Access your power and pivot towards the spiritual alignment, self-mastery, and joy that await you with Purposeful Perspectives.

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