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Awaken your true potential and embrace your full self with 'Purposeful Perspectives.' This comprehensive book goes beyond reading; it equips you to thrive. Say goodbye to the limitations imposed on Black womanhood and hello to gracefully navigating life's challenges. With a focus on confidence, resilience, growth, spirituality, healing, self-care, and personal development, you'll learn to optimize your life and flourish.

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Why You Need This Book: 

Practical tools and perspectives that not only clarify; but better help you to gracefully navigate the "natural" messy that comes with evolving into your true self.

Refined through 15+ years of empowering ambitious women to break free from stagnation and fear, Purposeful Perspectives offers the wisdom of a seasoned therapist at your fingertips. 

Each potent perspective provides you with an opportunity to reflect, challange and clarify your next steps with the complimentary digital companion journal. 

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This read was amazing. Very life changing and also informative. I am definitely reading this multiple times. This most definitely is not a one-time read.

-  LaShanna Person


From the FIRST chapter, I found myself thinking "She is talking about ME" or "It's not just ME". I LOVED the frank, "conversational" style of the author. I felt like I was talking to or listening to one of my friends. Early in the the book she advices that this is not a "vacation read" the book you grab to fall asleep with on the plane and it's not. For me it's a "workbook", one that I know that I will be referencing and checking back in with for a while. I plan to share this book with my daughter and sisters and sister-friends. I LOVE IT.

- Lisa Jackson-Zeno

"A must read for every black woman"

I make no secret that I'm white. I can't, I'm the color of parchment. When I began this book, I wasn't sure that I would truly be able to relate to it, and was doubtful that I should have chosen it to read. I was very wrong about this book from start to finish.

Yes, it was written by a black woman for black women, but I found a lot of points the author made in this book could apply to any woman who needs to have faith and confidence in themselves. Between the covers, this book could serve as a primer for all women to find their strength and learn how to be a stronger individual.


"Embrace this book!"

Step even further on your path to self-mastery with our exclusive Self-Mastery Deck. These beautifully crafted cards provide daily affirmations and insightful prompts, empowering you to release the need to perform and control, and apply the book's teachings in practical, meaningful ways. Awaken your inner strength and unlock the greatness within you!

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As a licensed psychotherapist, speaker, and author of the bestseller Purposeful Perspectives, I passionately live to empower women of vision with the tools to re-author those lingering narratives that continue to interfere with their ability to fully trust and evolve into the leaders that G-d is calling them to be.

​Through a dynamic synthesis of spiritual wisdom, science and good ole’ fashion real talk, I facilitate powerful conversations that not only open your heart to a deeper and more authentic spiritual connection. But conversations that activate your courage to live, create and lead unapologetically in alignment with what matters to you!

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