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Virtual or in-person, dive into a transformative 2.5-hour experience designed just for you. Have you had a chance to download my free Human Design chart? Well, this goes way beyond that! Through an integrative coaching style rooted in Quantum Human design and science-backed strategies, we'll break down your unique design in a comprehensive manner, creating a space for you to not only understand, but to ask, engage, and explore the ways in which this powerful information can be leveraged in your relationships, business, and leadership.

Imagine a world where your big decisions aren't met with anxiety, but with confidence; where every role you embrace feels energetically aligned. Picture yourself showing up in relationships with heightened self-awareness, and leading in a manner that profoundly impacts those who seek your guidance, all while being unmistakably 'you'. If you're ready to embark on this transformative journey, so am I!
What's In It For Your:
Energetic Dynamics:

Opportunities & Decisions: 
Dive deep into how your design aligns with your purpose, and how to meet your conscious and unconscious needs.

Deep Analysis:

Maintain Your Gifts:

Learn practical strategies to consistently access and nurture your special gifts.

We’ll explore all 9 of your energy centers and uncover the unique expression of life you bring to the table.

Discover tell-tale signs when you're on track or veering off course.

Signs & Signals: 
Purpose & Alignment: 
Find out how you're designed to seize soul-aligned opportunities and make decisions that feel right.

Learn how to optimize your energy and interact seamlessly with others.

Investment: $1000

Unstuck & Unstoppable Visionary

Ideal for individuals, leaders, business owners, couples, and business partners, ensuring aligned growth in all realms of identity development

your outcomes:

bonuses just for you!

Tailored to You: 

Universal Application:

mental wellbeing

With a blend of coaching, therapeutic principles and Human Design insights, feel supported in nurturing a healthier perspective towards the journey that is cultivating an aligned life.

Experience personalized insights that generic charts can't provide, ensuring deeper self-understanding.

  • Personalized Blueprint Strategy: A post-session recap and guide tailored to our insights
  • Exclusive Empowerment Meditation: A 5-minute tune-in, designed for your unique type.
  • Visualization Boost: An empowering visualization to resonate with and manifest your aspirations.
  • Your session is recorded for you so that you can review it over and over again.


With over two decades of corporate leadership experience, licensed psychotherapy credentials, and expertise as a Quantum Human Design™ Specialist, Nichomi offers a unique blend of practical, spiritual, and psychological guidance. Her holistic approach to coaching goes beyond surface-level solutions, delving deep into the root causes of your challenges. She employs Human Design as a transformative tool to help you fully understand how you're designed to operate in both life and business.

Working with Nichomi is not just about understanding your chart; it's about aligning your ambitions with your innate capabilities, helping you become unstuck and unstoppable. Leveraging her vast experience, Nichomi is adept at translating the insights gained from your Human Design into actionable, business-oriented strategies that foster both personal and professional growth.

Whether you're a seasoned business owner or an aspiring one, Nichomi provides you with the tools, resources, and wisdom you need to navigate change effortlessly and make decisions with confidence. Discover a pathway to soulful success with Nichomi, where you're guided to align with your pure power in life, business and beyond.

Why Nichomi?

During the first session, Nichomi asked me to repeat a phrase about loving myself. I could not say the words. Prior to that moment, I did not realize how much guilt and shame I carried with me.


- Past Client

Nichomi keeps it 100 and if folks are not really committed to honest engagement with their inner selves, they may not be ready for her. But if they are, they are in for life altering insights and realizations.


- Past Client

Nichomi really wants to see her clients shine, so she gone tell the truth and shame the devil! Even if the truth is uncomfortable,  she will give you the tools to manage the discomfort and live their truth confidently.


- Past Client

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