Leadership, Change and transformation aren't just my areas of expertise – they're my Soul's passions.

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For well over a decade, I've been teaching women in leadership around the world a unique mental attitude that not only supports our ability to navigate our evolution with greater self-compassion and curiosity but one that also encourages our authenticity and alignment.

So, if you’re looking for a big-hearted truth-teller to amplify the richness of your next event, you've just found her!


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I offer three distinct keynote options centered around My expertise in Change + Transformation

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Unlock the psychology behind our personal narratives. Attendees gain insights to reclaim control over their personal stories and silence their inner-critic, fostering a positive mindset and driving professional results.

Life is full of opportunities, challenges, and surprises. At times, we're in the game, actively participating and shaping our destinies. But there are moments when we feel sidelined. In this engaging conversation, your audience will discover strategies to turn moments of stillness into catalysts for personal growth and renewed purpose.

In this dynamic keynote, I take your team on a journey to discover why we struggle to act on what we know, overcome obstacles that hinder progress, gain clarity on the importance of timely course corrections in life and business, identify pivotal moments for change, break free from self-doubt, and cultivate the courage to embrace transformation.

"Benched" By G-d

Repurpose Your Story: Transform Your Life

The Courage To Course Correct

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* All keynotes can be customized to fit the audience and industry needs. All keynotes can be delivered in-person or virtually.

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Workshops + Training

Elevate + expand with workshops, blending emotional intelligence, resilience optimization, and impactful presentation techniques to foster your team's well-being, confidence and success.

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Host + Panel Moderation

Facilitating insightful discussions and panels with a perfect blend of depth, fun, engagement, and professional expertise.

guest expert Commentary

Offering expert insights at the crossroads of female leadership, mental well-being, and resilience.

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Why Nichomi?

“Nichomi is one of the best! An expert in the field”

Dr. Phil, the Dr. Phil Show

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Why Nichomi?

“Nichomi was amazing! She hit many concerns that we are having AND she gave us a plan of action”

Chief Strategic Officer, Riverside Community Health Foundation

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Why Nichomi?

“The vulnerability and honesty was amazing, but the guidance provided was powerful!”

Audience Member

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