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Emphasizing the wellbeing side of Success

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Resilient & agile workplaces don't happen by accident. DE&I leaders and HR teams understand the power of prioritizing employee mental and emotional wellbeing; especially when it comes to their leadership.

The result? Engaged, high-performing teams aligned with company values.

Cultivating the right mindset is more than just corporate wellness—it's about fostering a supportive and inclusive space where employees have the tools and conversations that drive their wellness forward.

For a decade now, Nichomi Higgins has been at the forefront of this mission, helping organizational leaders:

The Case For Resilient Workspaces

Boost Confidence

Energize Their Teams

Manage mental wellbeing

Rooted in the principle of optimizing performance through well-being, Nichomi offers solutions built around three transformational pillars:

Tell us about your team

Mastering Connection (MC)
Take your leadership to new heights with our Emotional Intelligence (EI) workshops. They're designed to:
  • Sharpen self-awareness
  • Heighten empathy
  • Enhance communication skills Master the art of managing emotions, fostering relationships, and resolving conflicts with finesse. Empower yourself to boost collaboration and nurture a positive work environment, ensuring sustained wellbeing and productivity.
Deepening Impact
Command attention and make a lasting impression. Through our tailored training, you can:
  • Master storytelling techniques
  • Overcome public speaking anxiety
  • Deliver messages with authenticity. Join us for a transformative journey and expertly craft presentations that resonate.

Resilience Optimization + Wellbeing    
Equip your team to thrive amidst transformational change, adversity, and stress. Learn to:
  • Adopt strategies to turn setbacks into opportunities
  • Maintain well-being under pressure
  • Harness change for growth Acquire tools that foster resilience, agility, and a proactive approach to challenges.

Signature trainings

Why Nichomi?

“Nichomi is one of the best! An expert in the field”

Dr. Phil, the Dr. Phil Show

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Why Nichomi?

“Nichomi was amazing! She hit many concerns that we are having AND she gave us a plan”

Chief Strategic Officer, Riverside Community Health Foundation

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Why Nichomi?

“The vulnerability and honesty was amazing, but the guidance provided was powerful!”

Audience Member

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Whether she's addressing a room of 15 or captivating an audience of 10,000, Nichomi's promise is consistent: a welcoming energy rooted in integrity, truth and excellence.

Valuing the importance of a message that reflects diverse cultural and gender backgrounds, she's committed to inclusivity in all her interactions.  More than just a mental health professional, she brings her seasoned and impactful leadership experience as a WOC to the table.

Whether she's presenting to your Asian-Pacific sales force or your project management teams, Nichomi's dedication lies in her adaptability, rooted in the understanding that every professional yearns to contribute confidently to their roles

A few points to highlight:

Wide exposure to a variety of industries and international audiences

​Relevant and relatable content that is both thought provoking and applicable

​15+ years of seasoned leadership experience that lends itself to better understanding organizational and individual pain points​​

​Able to accommodate global markets if english is the primary language spoken

Contact us with your event details today. We would love to share how partnering with Nichomi can elevate your upcoming event. 

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